About Kedaireka?
Kedaireka is the most contemporary solution to synergizing Higher Education’s contributions to Industry’s commercialization efforts for the advancement of Indonesia, in accordance to the vision of Kampus Merdeka Kemendikbud RI.
The Initiation of Kedaireka
Conceived from the vision of The Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Nadiem Makarim and The Director General of Higher Education Prof. Ir. Nizam M.Sc, DIC, Ph.D, Kedaireka facilitates the synergy between Higher Education and Industry through one platform. Kedaireka also offers Matching Fund Program as incentive to encourage more synergies initiated.
Comprehensive Support
A sustainable Kedaireka is made possible through endless supports and encouragements from PII, HIPMI, Kadin DKI Jakarta, and all academics from higher education institutions in Indonesia. Advocacies from media and NGOs also play an essential role in Kedaireka Kampus Merdeka’s ecosystem.
Professionally Managed
The Directorate General of Higher Education has dedicated a new team on conceiving and managing Kedaireka platform. The team is consisted of consultants from multinational companies, academics, and well-known media platforms with years of experience and proven expertise. The team works professionally and time-bound on delivering the impacts.
About Matching Fund
The Matching Fund is the concrete and tangible support from The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia to encourage more collaborations and strategic synergies initiated between Higher Education institutions and the Industries.

With an allocated total funding of Rp1 trillion, the Matching Fund program acts as incentive to the collaboration formed between the two parties through Kedaireka platform. The Matching Fund is proritized for collaborations or synergies that contribute to and are in line with 8 Indikator Kinerja Utama Perguruan Tinggi (Main Performance Indicators of Higher Education) that have been set by The Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia:
  1. A graduate of a higher education institution gets a noble and decent employment
  2. The students gain more experience off campus/institution
  3. The lecturers have some activities off campus/institution
  4. Industry practitioners teach and share the knowledge to the students
  5. The lecturers’ work is useful for the community and is internationally recognized
  6. The higher education institutions’ study programs are collaborated with other world-class partners
  7. The study program is conducted through collaborative and participative principles
  8. The study program is based on an international standard
In order to get the opportunity to acquire the Matching Fund, Insan Perguruan Tinggi is mandated to submit additional proposals after a collaboration with an Industry is initiated through Kedaireka platform.